The Theme for Issue 4 is Eldritch Horror:

Yup, Eldritch Horror.  My wife said "that says all you need say about your audience and your writers, cause what the &%^ does that mean"

Well I think it means a

A Gothic Setting;

Unspeakable Corruption;

The Smallness of the Human Condition;

A Touch of Madness and a Taste of Power;

And Prose so Purple you'd think it was living it with Ike Turner; But she is right, the is the deepest subbasement of the sub-genre of the sub-genre.  I am excited and a little intimidated.  If you are one of the brilliant and skillful people that can find this blog, then I need you to submit a story.  Message me, or head over to, sign up and post your statement of interest on the forums.

I am shooting for completed and publishable drafts (proofing and copy editing aside) by the end of June.

Started a Twitter Account

I, A.M. Rowe, started a twitter account yesterday specifically for EXFTC.  The Account is AMRoweEXFTC.  I am knew to twitter and still figuring out all the buttons. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to retweet yesterday...ah the folly of the noob.  But slowly adding all my favorite authors, editors and publishers the feeds I follow.  Now if I can only find something witty to say. 

But you can message me on twitter to inquire about upcoming issues, request reviews of your book or story, submit cover designs, or just discuss SF&F fiction in general. If you have a fiction related feed you think I should follow please let me now. 

If you are a contributor to EXFTC, one who ignores their email account, consider getting your own EXFTC twitter account.



Issue 4

Wow, I am impressed by you.  Seriously, if you are reading this I am impressed. This blog is kind of hidden isn't it.  I also impressed by what a thoughtful fan of short fiction you must be to check out this website. I am genuinely thankful that you are here.  You are just the kind of person I'd like to hear from.  That is why I have put a link to a poll. Based on the results of this Poll we will choose the topic for our 4th issue.   As you have already proven yourself to be a person of perseverance and taste, I really hope you will vote in the poll.  The poll close March 27th, so click on the link below as soon as possible.,7549.msg91299/topicseen.html#msg91299

You will need to join the Citadel to vote, but don't worry , there are no emails, fees or spam bots.  You won't have to give us any personal information besides an email; you could even use that old hotmail account that is gathering dust. So please vote! 

New Reviews Finally Posted

We are six weeks behind on releasing issue three as of today. This entirely my fault, I have been delaying the upload of the issue. I was hoping to get a motorcycle story in....


But, even without a biker yarn we got five good stories,  all the content is assembled we just need to finish the proof read and add the book review.  So with all the work done, we should be able to get the issue out this week: fingers crossed and sorry to the authors for the delay.


A.M. Rowe

Long Reviews of Short Fiction

I'm looking for reviewers of short fiction and self-published fiction.  I want to give more attention to those sub-sets of writing and media.  When it comes to self-published works I think it is important to praise that which deserves it and be openly critical of the bad stuff. 

If you'd like to review, please let me know.   Reviews only work if the people reading reviews gets an idea of what the reviewer values.  Thus we need the reviewer to commit to three reviews.  Your reviews will be published on the exftc website or in upcoming issues of Excursions for Citadel. 


Deadlines for Issue 3

1: Issue 3 Story Submission:

The deadline for issue three is November 4th 2016.  The review process should take about a month and during that time you will be able to and assisted in editing and cleaning up your story.  But please do not submit a story you are not willing to publish.


2: Issue 3 Theme:

Again theme of issue 3 is Steeds. Here this definition of Steed we are using (n) a spirited horse being ridden or available for riding (especially as for war).  Please let this definition be creative jumping off point for you to explore, re-interpret or build off this theme. It is not there to limit you to stories literally about horses.


3: Book Reviews:

I would like to add book reviews of recently self-published sci-fi/fantasy novels to the epub.  If you would like to write such a review please contact me and we can add your review to the next issue. 

Book Reviews

In the Wizards issue of Excursions we included a book review.  I reviewed the excellent cyberpunk epic "Black Planet" by Simon Gilberthorpe. It is a self-published book that I really enjoyed.  I would like to make this a regular feature for Excursions and I'd like to focus on self-published or small publisher work.  If you would like to have your book reviewed in Excursions please contact me via the contact link on the website.   Once I have published the review in the magazine, I will also post excerpts of the review to amazon and good reads. 



How we select our content.

Issue 2 of Excursions from the Citadel was finally uploaded last night. If anyone is following along closely they will note that it is just short of being three months past our publication goal.  That is because we let the authors participate in the review process of their own stories.  You'd think that the authors would be tireless advocates for their own work, but quite the opposite. When one particular author received some negative feedback for their work, though the work was ultimately accept during that first review process, the author insisted on re-writing the work to address those issues.  We waited. This is what I think makes this publication special, we workshop the stories with the authors when and if they need it. 

The workshop though isn't used by everyone, it isn't required for publication and participation doesn't guarantee publication.  For example, one story in here didn't go through a workshop process at all.  Another story, not included, was workshopped and even received feedback from Mike (the Editor), but was ultimately rejected. 

It is a process we are still refining, but our goal is the same.  We are looking to explore topics of genre (such as wizards) through new fiction.  We also want to give new authors and aspiring authors a leg up and a chance to write some professional quality work. 

Upcoming Issue


Steed (n) a horse that a person rides;  especially :  a spirited horse (as for war)

Our theme for the next issue is Steeds. 

We debated a bit about what the best term would be to describe the topic.  We wanted stories about fantastic forms of transportation, and the author Cari Most suggested we go with the theme "Rides".   Because the more we talked about it, the more we realized that we wanted to tell stories of specific rides.  We want yarns about spaceships that sing, a story about a horse and his knight, or a motorcycle and her spirit animal.  I hope we can release the issue, Steeds, just before Christmas.  We have a line on some good cover art and couple of promising story entries.  But we need more!  Go to Strolen's Citadel (, sign up and ask about the epub in forums.  All members are invited to contribute.