Upcoming Issue


Steed (n) a horse that a person rides;  especially :  a spirited horse (as for war)

Our theme for the next issue is Steeds. 

We debated a bit about what the best term would be to describe the topic.  We wanted stories about fantastic forms of transportation, and the author Cari Most suggested we go with the theme "Rides".   Because the more we talked about it, the more we realized that we wanted to tell stories of specific rides.  We want yarns about spaceships that sing, a story about a horse and his knight, or a motorcycle and her spirit animal.  I hope we can release the issue, Steeds, just before Christmas.  We have a line on some good cover art and couple of promising story entries.  But we need more!  Go to Strolen's Citadel (www.strolen.com), sign up and ask about the epub in forums.  All members are invited to contribute.