How we select our content.

Issue 2 of Excursions from the Citadel was finally uploaded last night. If anyone is following along closely they will note that it is just short of being three months past our publication goal.  That is because we let the authors participate in the review process of their own stories.  You'd think that the authors would be tireless advocates for their own work, but quite the opposite. When one particular author received some negative feedback for their work, though the work was ultimately accept during that first review process, the author insisted on re-writing the work to address those issues.  We waited. This is what I think makes this publication special, we workshop the stories with the authors when and if they need it. 

The workshop though isn't used by everyone, it isn't required for publication and participation doesn't guarantee publication.  For example, one story in here didn't go through a workshop process at all.  Another story, not included, was workshopped and even received feedback from Mike (the Editor), but was ultimately rejected. 

It is a process we are still refining, but our goal is the same.  We are looking to explore topics of genre (such as wizards) through new fiction.  We also want to give new authors and aspiring authors a leg up and a chance to write some professional quality work.