Deadlines for Issue 3

1: Issue 3 Story Submission:

The deadline for issue three is November 4th 2016.  The review process should take about a month and during that time you will be able to and assisted in editing and cleaning up your story.  But please do not submit a story you are not willing to publish.


2: Issue 3 Theme:

Again theme of issue 3 is Steeds. Here this definition of Steed we are using (n) a spirited horse being ridden or available for riding (especially as for war).  Please let this definition be creative jumping off point for you to explore, re-interpret or build off this theme. It is not there to limit you to stories literally about horses.


3: Book Reviews:

I would like to add book reviews of recently self-published sci-fi/fantasy novels to the epub.  If you would like to write such a review please contact me and we can add your review to the next issue.