Issue 4

Wow, I am impressed by you.  Seriously, if you are reading this I am impressed. This blog is kind of hidden isn't it.  I also impressed by what a thoughtful fan of short fiction you must be to check out this website. I am genuinely thankful that you are here.  You are just the kind of person I'd like to hear from.  That is why I have put a link to a poll. Based on the results of this Poll we will choose the topic for our 4th issue.   As you have already proven yourself to be a person of perseverance and taste, I really hope you will vote in the poll.  The poll close March 27th, so click on the link below as soon as possible.,7549.msg91299/topicseen.html#msg91299

You will need to join the Citadel to vote, but don't worry , there are no emails, fees or spam bots.  You won't have to give us any personal information besides an email; you could even use that old hotmail account that is gathering dust. So please vote!