The Theme for Issue 4 is Eldritch Horror:

Yup, Eldritch Horror.  My wife said "that says all you need say about your audience and your writers, cause what the &%^ does that mean"

Well I think it means a

A Gothic Setting;

Unspeakable Corruption;

The Smallness of the Human Condition;

A Touch of Madness and a Taste of Power;

And Prose so Purple you'd think it was living it with Ike Turner; But she is right, the is the deepest subbasement of the sub-genre of the sub-genre.  I am excited and a little intimidated.  If you are one of the brilliant and skillful people that can find this blog, then I need you to submit a story.  Message me, or head over to, sign up and post your statement of interest on the forums.

I am shooting for completed and publishable drafts (proofing and copy editing aside) by the end of June.