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Eldritch voices

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Do you exist? Do the facts related to this existence ever fill you with apprehension or fear? Then you may have experienced existential dread. If you enjoyed it, aren't certain if you experienced it or want a taste of existential dread get a copy of Excursions from the Citadel: Eldritch Voices.  Every story and essay in that issue deals with eldritch horror and existential dread in the vein of Lovecraft, Derleth and Clark Ashton-Smith. We hope you'll find it disturbing.  Also check out our previous themed issues: Steeds, Wizards and Shape-Shifters.


Image by Gabriel Wiesz based on N.A Heisey's story "Forgetting Othkos". Checkout that story and others this September.  


Shifts in Shape

Excursions From the Citadel Issue 1 is all about shape-shifters, transcendence and metamorphosis.




When you think of a wizard what do you think of? Is it an old guy with a floppy hat and a long beard? Is it a 12 year old with glasses, a broom and an English accent? Issue Two of Excursions is an anthology that explores what it means to be a human being that has through study, luck or shear will gained great power.  I hope you will take a look.   

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Issue 3


All the stories in an issue of Excursions seek to explore a single theme or topic common to speculative fiction.  Issue 1 tackles shape-shifters, metamorphosis and transcendence. Issue 2 offers you a half dozen stories and poems that beg the questions: What the &#%@ is a wizard? What will I do if meet one? Issue 3 is an anthology of stories about non-human side kicks, fantastic rides, horses that the hero drives forwards and beasts that drive the hero. Issue three is about fantastic Steeds.    



Adam Baumgartner

Alexander McIntyre

S.Shree Raaman

Madeleine Rowe

Tim and Jim Wheeler


What is this all about


Excursions from the Citadel is a semi-pro speculative fiction magazine. We are an off-shoot of the online community at Strolen's Citadel: a website dedicated to celebrating ideas relating to sci-fiction, fanatsy and gaming. Our goal is to take those ideas a step further and create fun and interesting stories. Unlike other speculative fiction magazines each issue of Excursions is focused on a single theme or topic.

We are a small publication of invited authors. But if you would like to be invited, please go visit Strolen's Citadel. (link below) Once there take a look around, sign up and try your hand at writing some fiction or meta-fiction on the open submission board or in the forums. If you are a member, we will let you know what the upcoming themes are and how to submit.

The Art for the first two issues, including the art on this page, was created by Weisz Gabriel. Check him out at the link below or find him on Deviant Art.


Random Thoughts and Hopeful Promises